Evan Parker and Kyle Ross – twinks with huge cocks porn

Evan ParkerEvan Parker and Kyle Ross star in this hardcore episode from gaytwinktube.xxx , made for ‘Helix Studios’
These two men are completely different from each other, which means there is something here for everyone. Kyle Ross is a good looking English twink with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a hot and horny bottom and has a seven inch cut dick and has starred in thirteen hardcore movies for gaytwinktube.xxx.
Evan Parker is a bit older and he is a wild bear in the bedroom. He has great muscles and an amazing six pack. Evan is six feet tall and has brown hair and sexy brown eyes, he is a versatile top and has a seven and a half inch uncut cock.
After getting thrown out of his apartment by his boyfriend, Kyle Ross goes on a sex rampage, getting fucked by guy after guy. In this great huge cocks episode he has woken up to find himself inside Evan Parker’ apartment, he says he is confused; and Evan reminds him what they did the day before…
Helix Studios
They are sat on the couch and Kyle loves the way Evan is looking at him. He leans forward and they begin to kiss passionately on the lips.
Evan knows exactly what to do with blonde young gay boys and quickly gets Kyle naked so that he can play with his cock and slap his tight firm ass. Kyle then leans back on the couch and lets Evan lean over and suck on his hard dick and tickle his ball sack at the same time. Evan feels more and more excited by the minute and orders Kyle to get his mouth around his cock and to suck on his cock. They look horny as fuck as they then take it in turns to suck and play on each other’s hard dicks, which ends after Evan has face fucked Kyle’s so hard and fast that it bruises his lips.
The next scene shows Kyle on his hands and knees, his smooth tight asshole on show for us all to see and in between smacking and licking his small firm white ass, Evan Parker gets up and slides his fat big dick right up deep into his wet ass and slowly starts to fuck him to begin with, but not for long.
Kyle Ross howls out as Evan fucks his ass so fast, and in many different positions, it’s like a runaway train out of control. Kyle is getting fucked in the missionary position, and as his body stiffens, he shouts out he is about to cum and we are rewarded as thick dollops of fresh hot spunk spews out of both of their dicks and onto Kyle’s English white skin.
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