Fucking without the use of a condom

You’re gay and a stranger in town, and a straight stranger books your spare room for a few days via the internet – and he’s drop dead gorgeous. What would you do if you found him naked in your kitchen? ‘Sean Cody’ show us what happens when Lucky Daniels takes in Jason Maddox to his apartment, and it’s filmed by the amazing team from this adult bareback site, so we know it’s going to be wild.
Jason Maddox arrives at the apartment of Lucky Daniels, a virgin to saddlebacking, and he is invited in and shown his room. The next morning, Jason wakes up and goes into the kitchen totally naked. He is feeling horny and keeps stroking his seven and a half inch dick as he walks around. He gets surprised, and is also slightly embarrassed, when Lucky walks into the room half naked and sees him holding his dick. Lucky tells him he should be proud of his cock as it looks so big, and he makes a move towards Jason’s dick. Jason almost flinches and tells him that he is straight, he’s not into guys, and he goes back into his bedroom not realizing that Lucky is following him.
sean cody
Lucky is a strong-minded, horny young man and soon manages to persuade Jason to lie on the bed so he can suck his cock. Jason watches him dumbfounded as he goes down on him, but his confusion soon changes to excitement as he feels another man sucking his dick. He can’t believe how good Lucky’s mouth is as he sucks his cock all the way to its bristly base and back up again as he deep throats him. Jason soon starts to moan and groan and even encourages Lucky to carry on as he pushes his head down over his rock-hard dick.
Lucky moves up Jason’s body and goes to kiss him on his lips. Jason pushes him over just as their lips are about to meet. He puts Lucky on his front, and then rips his pants off and smacks his firm hairy butt cheeks. Lucky groans out with desire when Jason spits on his asshole and slides a finger into his ass. Lucky squirms all over the bed, and then Jason slides another finger into his hot crack which sends lucky wild with ecstasy.
gay bareback
Jason moves his dick closer to Lucky’s ass and pushes his cock all the way up causing Lucky to moan out again and again as he drills his ass as deep as hard as he can and without a condom. Jason fucks him doggy style for a while, then gets Lucky on his back with his legs in the air, and they fuck in the missionary position.
Lucky Daniels certainly lives up to his name as he shoots a whole load of fresh hot cum over his hard smooth stomach. The feel of Lucky’s asshole going into spasms around Jason Maddox’s dick sends him over the edge. He pulls his aching hard dick out of that delicious tight asshole and squirts his thick creamy jizz onto Lucky.
Lucky Daniels may be a virgin to Men.com as this is his first movie with them, but he has been on the scene since 2007. Lucky is a good looking young man with a great body that has a few tattoos. He is five feet nine inches tall with dark brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he has a wicked, infectious smile. Lucky is a versatile bottom with a seven and a half inch cut dick, and he weighs 155 pounds.
Jason Maddox is a cute young porn star with a muscular smooth body and a seven inch circumcised cock. He has dark brown hair, sexy brown eyes and is five feet eight inches tall. Jason is a top man and has fucked some of the hottest porn stars around. He has starred in 13 hardcore movies for Sean Cody and was the main star in the ‘Down Low’ series where he had lots of fun down on the farm with a whole load of horny young men – it all ended up in a great jizz orgy. A bit like My Straight Guest. And this is his first time fucking without the use of a condom.

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